Wednesday, July 23, 2008

All Packed and Getting Ready for the Airport

Okay...everything is we just have to get to the starting point. Looks like we'll be taking a car service afterall, but we'll consider it our last luxury before we take to the roads. We had a great offer for a ride from a friend of a friend, but it would have been out of his way - thank you for thinking of us Zack!

Liam packed his party hat, as his first birthday is this Sunday, and he insisted we celebrate. Believe me, I love my dog but I am not one of those crazy UES moms who dresses up her dog and pushes him in a stroller through the streets of NYC. However, a first birthday is special!
Hopefully, next time I write it will be from the West Coast!!!
Thank you all for the encouraging emails and support. I am going to be really weary the first couple of weeks!

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