Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Day 2 - You Can "Google" Water, But You Can't Drink It

So Wendy made her second trip to the post office already to ship off some heavy goods...one of which was her 2 lb laptop. We figured having actual water was a bit more important than being able to research where to find it. We had such incredible weather! Woke up on the beach with the "Goonies" Mountain in the midst. Stretched outside before hitting the road for Day 2. We intended to go much further, but after getting a late start and falling in love with Cannon Beach we decided to stay and camp. We met the same family that has been traveling via bike with their two kids in tow and have enjoyed bumping into them again and again on our coastal journey. The ride was pretty smooth. I encountered my first casualty...fell off my bike on Hwy 101. Ugh! I wasn't really hurt, just a scrape! I have to thank my dear friends, Chris and Dennis, for insisting I take some of their calendula cream. It was kind of comical, but I am getting stronger every day! It is a nice little seaside town and sunset was lovely. The campground we stayed at, Wright's for Camping (Since 1959) is quite nice and friendly. Liam is loving the life of a vagabond. He is so funny to watch, both in the trailer and in new surroundings. I like meeting all the new people who come up to inquire what we're up to and where we are going. Right now all I hear is, "You sure have a long way to go." In time I imagine that will change to, "You sure have come a long way!" Ha! Right now it is about enjoying the journey and living in the moment.

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