Friday, July 25, 2008

Made it to the West Coast

Alright. So this was quite possibly the worst travel experience of my life to date. I arrived at the airport at 5pm for my 7:35pm flight from JFK to PDX. I had to go to the "special" line because of my traveling with Liam. The line was soooooo long as a recent group of Israeli students were on tour and had missed their flight so I was far back in the queue, with only 2 reps working. After waiting an hour and a half I finally got my boarding pass. I arrived at my gate and waited, only to discover my flight had been delayed to 10:05pm. Then, 10:30. Then, 10:40pm. Then, 12:30am! After getting very disgusted b/c poor Liam was in his crate and would have to go to the bathroom, I asked if there was any place to relieve him. The attendant told me I would have to exit the terminal and come back through security!!! Argh! A fight broke out in 10 feet away from me between 2 guys and security came after a brawl. It was rather eventful. We boarded the plane surprisingly early at 11pm. THEN, we were stuck on the runway until we took off at 2am!!! Fortunately, I had a wonderful couple next to me who adore pups and helped me sneak him out of his crate and onto my lap for a good portion of the five and half hour ride. He was on his best behavior. We finally landed and got to the hotel at 5am, slept for 2 hours and then hopped in the limo to the campground...another 2.5 hours! Finally, here in Fort Stevens Campground. My bike came in yesterday, but no word on the trailer as yet. It has been beautiful and amazing, despite the kinks. I met my biking partner and we're having a great time.

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Already some great material for a book!