Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Day 3 - I Sure Do Love Logging Trucks

Hmmm...I woke up early wondering "weather" I should even bother getting up. It was drizzly and overcast and a complete 180 from the beautiful day we had yesterday! Luckily, I was smart enough to wrap our saddles in plastic and pull Liam's Trailer under my rainfly before it started to come down. Headed out early with intentions of covering about 40 miles, but we made it about 15 miles. We had to go over a bridge and through a tunnel...both a bit scary when Logging Trucks are coming at you at 55 mph! I got out of the tunnel just fine, but Wendy experienced a semi-truck hydroplane and fish tail a bit while slamming on the brakes just feet in front of her. I heard it and was a bit frightened, but she saw it as it was coming towards her. Sheesh! After, roughing it uphill in the rain with some fierce winds (a headwind no less!) and some wicked fast logging trucks we made it to Manzanita, OR. I was okay...a bit cold, but could have continued on. I was worried about Liam though. He was getting a bit wet as I left his DoggyRide Raincover in NYC. I can only carry so much! I made sure to check on him frequently and kept him wrapped in a fleece blanket in his little doggy bed. He was shivering a bit and Wendy was really quite cold, so we opted to get a motel for the night. It is a cute little town...very hit and miss on the friendly scale though. Some people are really nice, and others are, well, interesting. Found a great little dog shop and bought Liam a nice water jacket with fleece lining and some Doggy Sunscreen. Didn't realize he was going to have an equally demanding wardrobe! However, I wouldn't trade this experience for anything. The weather tomorrow is supposed to be nice, so hopefully we'll start making a bit more headway as we progress...not that I mind...I could venture around for eons.


Ned said...

what a pampered pup!

Jimkim said...

Enjoying your postings!! As well as the other "commenters". We are all pulling for you and Wendy!!
Of course at the rate you are going, Whestie and I could keep up with you :-) Now what's this about sweet Liam being referred to as "dickweed", sounds like a little rivalry, or he is really hung low in the grass...maybe Whestie will clarify his endearment. At least he can enjoy the peace and quiet while Liam is on the road. What if Whestie had known about my offer of a dollar a mile? We would have two entirely different accounts of the journey!Look forward to your blog and upcoming photos and more of Whestie's comments!!! Take care, be safe and have an incrediable time!

Chasbam said...

I of course woke up this morning to a warm sunny day. I like to relax so I got up at about nine and took a long hot shower followed by a breakfast of wheat toast and a sausage and cheese omelet. I later sprawled out on my lounge on the back deck reading a good book with a mint julep by my side. Yes, life is tough.