Monday, July 28, 2008

The Calm Before the Storm

So, unfortunately I will be unable to add any photos today...maybe when I get to a different computer. The last few days have been amazing. Walking on misty beaches, hiking through dense woods, and refamiliarizing myself with the art of firemaking. It has been considerably colder than I first thought, but have been finding ingenious ways to stay warm...including buying a nice fleece blanket and hoodie for Liam. We went for a stroll on the Fort Stevens beach where there is a rusty old ship run ashore, and beautiful mountains in the distance. After romping with several other dogs and dune jumping we took a much needed rest on the beach.

I called the bike shop and everything is ready to go. We dropped into town thanks to Wendy's friends having a car and did a thorough check-out knowing Day 1 is just moments away.

The bike shop wasn't very helpful and not like my favorite little store back home, but we put together what we needed and bummed around the town. We saw the Goonies house on the hill and drove up just to say we did it. A local neighbor just pointed the way before we even had to roll down the window to ask directions...apparently, she gets asked a million times every summer.

Anyhow, Astoria is a strange little seaside town with many interesting characters...I'll post pics asap. It has been a dream.

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