Friday, September 5, 2008

Day 29 - The Infamous Neck Scarf

So, Jack has opted to part ways with our entourage and took off this morning. Unfortunately, for him he left us a trail. His skull and cross bones neck chiller scarf was found on the hill en route to Safeway. We accosted him whilst in line and told him that this is the LAST time we will save him from heat exhaustion. Wendy and I went to REI and dreamed of spending money we didn't have. Finally, made it to the KOA. We did some laundry - thank GOD. AND most importantly, we had a heart to heart talk. We learned a lot about each other and realized that our relationship had changed quite a bit with the addition of another rider. We are much more comfortable now that we have talked.

My dad and uncle arrived from the Bay Area for a week long visit. Dad fortunately heard me plead my case about how water resistant is NOT the same as water proof and bought me a rain coat. It has made a world of difference.

Ran into another biker with a dog. His name is Rob and he is actually moving on a bike! I mean like moving, moving...without the U-Haul and boxes. It was wild! He is a great guy and I wish him well.

Spent the evening in the pool and hot tub. I feel clean for the first time in a month! I guess it is all the chlorine...or the little kiddy's pee. Well, you know those pools aren't that clean. I spoke with a gentleman from New York - the Bronx to be exact. He was a hoot.

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