Sunday, September 7, 2008

Day 39 - Hello, Can Anyone Hear Me?

It's a bit lonely out here sometimes. Especially, when you spend the day racing tumbleweeds and they keep beating you. I haven't seen much in the way of any other life form for a while and it is getting a bit tiresome. I am worn out on sage brush and pretty much over Wyoming. I want Colorado and I want it NOW...please?

Had a fight with a thunderstorm today. I wanted to outrun it and it thought otherwise. Once I became the highest point around I figured it would behoove me to get off my metal bike and seek shelter in a ditch. The thunderstorm and wind were pretty tame considering, but I didn't feel like becoming Mountaintop bar-b-que. I covered everything and got my rain gear out with Liam and sat in a gully to wait it out. It passed relatively quickly, but I am glad I got off the saddle for a bit.

Stopped in Sweetwater Station and stayed with some Mormon Missionaries. They were very nice and gave me the history of the Church of Latter Day Saints. It was an interesting lesson, but I had to refuse a bible as I haven't room for another book. He seemed disappointed but understood.

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