Friday, September 5, 2008

Day 30 - A Day of Adventure and Blair Witch

So I went to the Adventure Cycling Headquarters today and signed the log and took my Polaroid picture with Wendy and Liam. The photographer there wanted to give me a special "photo shoot" with the possibility of using it for publishing in one of their magazines. It was rather fun and exciting. It would be cool to have a pic with Liam in the mag!

Ran into Rob again and he was photographed as well. It was a lot of fun. I enjoyed seeing the HQ and eating some ice cream for breakfast.

After that, I popped over to the other bike shop to get my brakes fixed. That was a blessing. I didn't want to be whizzing down some of the Rocky Mountain Passes with no braking ability.

Stopped off the road at the Testicle Festival. No joke, the testy festy is for real. Hmmm...never saw so many brass balls in my life. Funny what these small towns do for entertainment. And we all thought small towns were conservative!

We went to Phillipsburg and went to an amazing little diner and picked up some sapphires that my dad had left there over 30 years ago. Such a procrastinator!

In Anaconda, where I have some family relatives, we stopped off and strolled down memory lane a bit. Went to the famous smoke stack (which the Washington Monument will fit!) and saw all of the smelt. I climbed through a couple of rogue caves in the local park with Liam and splashed around in the creek. Liam actually jumped in until he realized the current was too much for him. We went down a giant slide. That was fun! I felt like I was 5 years old. Liam seemed to get a kick out of it.

I fed some fish at a local hatchery and enjoyed traipsing through history. It had been 21 years since I had last been to this area. I saw my Great Aunt's old cabin and we camped outside. My memory served me well and I remembered my way back into the woods and found the other cabins I used to play in as a kid. The creepy thing was that it was past dusk and I was losing light with out a flashlight and all I could think of was the Blair Witch Project. I was alone in the woods and certain there was something out there. It was a bit creepy, but fun nonetheless.

Oh...another thing was the Washoe theater there is marvellous. Classic and amazing - especially the art deco and the prices. A movie for $4 and popcorn and drinks for under $2! That is sheer insanity...wished I could have gone to a flick, but such is the life of a rogue road time for the luxuries!

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