Monday, September 15, 2008

Day "It Doesn't Matter"

I have lost all track of days, but the way I figure it, I have about 50 more days of hard work ahead of me to complete this trip. I rented a car today and am enjoying the freedom of going more than 15mph. It really is amazing, but then again, I was eyeing mopeds as a realistic way to race in the Indy 500. I mean seriously, I LOVE biking, but sometimes it is a bit daunting to know that a mere four miles can be an hour away if you're climbing. This way I can bum around Colorado and see more before heading onwards.

Anyhow, I really love it here and like resting up, but my mind is getting listless and I need an outlet. I miss going to the gym and dancing. I think I will need to get back on the road soon before I lose all motivation to continue.

Liam has been under the weather so I am taking him to the vet tomorrow to get him looked at. With so many pet food recalls and crap in the media I need to make sure he is 100% okay. I can't continue at his expense. It is a partnership. When he's happy, I'm happy...and if Liam isn't happy...ain't NOBODY happy.

I've noticed my body hurts me more when I am not biking. My back aches and my knees hurt a bit. I think it is because of the lapse in exercise. I am going to do some stretching later.

Anyhow, I probably won't be blogging anymore until I am back on the road.

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