Sunday, September 7, 2008

Day 40 - Land of Silent Hill

Woke up to my tent encased in frost. I felt like I was in a winter wonderland. Waited for the sun to burn off some of the cold and headed to Jeffrey City. I swear that is the backdrop for Silent Hill. It was so creepy I kept expecting a zombie to come out and get me...queue the mist/fog machine.

There was one open bar and they let me bring Liam inside to warm up. Ate some lunch and met a hiker, Todd, who was hiking the Continental Divide Trail. He has been on the road since June and plans to complete it.

Wyoming is still in a state of eternal 5pm. It never looks any earlier and is getting on my nerves. Liam decided to bark at some horses and they responded by running wildly. It was beautiful to watch as the dust kicked up and they ran in unison for yards on end.

Pitched the tents behind a fire station in Muddy Gap next to a mobile home from hell. The land was filled with bunnies so I watched as Liam fruitlessly tried to chase them. He is hilarious, but I didn't mind because I was pretty certain he wouldn't catch them. My tent was just yards from some cows who seemed entertained by the whole event.

I'm getting to the point where talking to cows is normal for me. They seem to really listen. (Remember...I'm in towns with population nonexistent and the only building a service station. My outlets are limited).

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