Friday, September 5, 2008

Day 31 - Oh It Won't Rain

My Uncle Grayson's famous last words. I slept horribly and was so nauseous the whole night. It started to rain viciously and fortunately, I had opted to put the rainfly on about 30 minutes before the down pour.

Today, we made it to Nevada City and Virginia City. It was pretty cool. It was right out of the old western pics - with a two-story outhouse indeed! The ghost towns were interesting and the music hall was hilarious. I caught Grayson on tape dancing. The entrance to Nevada City has an amazing old house - reminds me of the Winchester Mystery House, but on a smaller scale.

After our tour de ghost town, we headed to my dad's cousins' house in Bozeman. I was able to see Jimmy and Sandy after 21 years and meet their two daughters, Sarah and Ellie. They have four horses so we went riding for a bit and then off to dinner in Manhattan, Montana. Who knew?!

It was nice to see my relatives after so many years! Oh and I even played Rock Band for the first time. I suck as a guitar player in case you care.

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