Monday, September 8, 2008

Day 44 - REI Will Ruin Me...And My Bank Account

Had the first leisurely morning in several weeks. I am getting accustomed to rising early, which is in many ways great, but also extremely atypical of my preferred behaviour. I took Liam to the dog park and watched him run contentedly. He played with a couple of other dogs while one of the owner's tried to hit on me. I think I broke her heart...just kidding, but it was amusing and she was a very nice woman.

Went to the bike shop and got my brakes fixed...again. I decided to spice things up and change the tape on my handlebars. I am now rocking out in red. REI's flagship store is here in Denver and that could quite possibly be one of my favorite destinations...ever. My wallet disagrees, but whatever. You can't please everyone, or everything for that matter.

Enjoying some downtime and planning for the next half of the trip. Woo hoo!

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Laura said...

Hello there. I have been watching your progress along the way and think your adventure sounds wonderful and has been quite inspiring. Below I have posted a blog I wrote for family and friends to read that was very much inspired by you. So here now, I have been forking my money over to REI to go on my own tiny adventure.

Biking has been something that has been able to introduce an unfit person like me to fitness and I have a great time doing it. Reading your blog has been inspiring and allowed me to think outside the box and look for ways to combine things I love: the spirit of adventure, my friends and my sweet faced dog.

Thanks so much. Keep up the great work. If you come through St Louis please know you would have a friend here who would love to join you and your friends for a meal or be happy to open her doors to you.

Best wishes to you, Liam, and your crew!


So last year, I got on a bike and rode a mile. One single mile before my girl parts, my back and, as is for most people, my butt began to ache. Done with that. Sad since my secret fantasy for the last 15 years had been to do a triathalon which does, indeed, include bike riding, and you know..being active. But, that is why it is a fantasy.

But, this year I had a conversation with my MamaCita, Billie, who was super excited after watching The Today Show to find that there was a new breed of bikes out there that were designed more for comfort and possessed the almighty big butt seat. Halleluah. So after some shopping around I found the bicycle version of my soulmate. We fell in love and began our journey together. Now I am out there biking several times a week. Always on the lookout for new biking venues, scenery, and any trail that may lead me to a winery in the end (just a bonus, I say. Best to have a goal), I have now biked close to at least two hundred miles on that thing in the last few months.

While out biking, however, I have felt that I have abandoned my sweet, Maxine at home. She is my buddy and is always looking for an adventure, even though she is a bit stiffer these days and has developed what I call the old-age spread. So I started looking around for trailers to hitch to my bike that were designed for kids to revamp and accommodate my pooch. But, wait! I find they actually make one just for dogs. SOLD.

On their website I found a link to a website that displayed a woman and her dog traveling across the U.S. from the west coast to the east coast on just her bike with his trailer attached, camping along the way. Then on her site was another link to another person biking with his dog across the country to raise money for animal shelters.
I asked, "is this possible?" Certainly, I am not fit enough to do that. But, after much discussion the possibility of doing a mini ride along the Katy Trail was considered. Is this possible? Absolutely. No cars, no hotels, just me, my sweet-faced dog, adventurers; Jason and Chris and our bikes. How great is that?!

Fun? Yes. Crazy? I hope just enough.