Friday, September 19, 2008

Liam's Hospital Scare

Liam spent the other night in the ER after an emergency run to the vet. I took him in early afternoon just for a check-up. He was fine and healthy. Everything checked out - normal weight, temperature and activity level. Then, by 7pm he was near catatonic and drooling incessantly. By the time I made it to the Emergency Pet Hospital he was quite incoherent and out of it. He was drastically dehydrated and his core temperature was 96 degrees - that's five degrees BELOW normal for pups.

The doctor put him on an IV drip immediately and wrapped him in a heated blanket. After x-rays and blood work we still didn't have an answer as to what is ailing him. It is a mystery still.

I am awaiting the results of one more test - possible salmonella poisoning. Poor little babe is on 2 antibiotics and under house arrest. Little guy is revving to play and I can't let him as yet. Thank goodness he is making a strong recovery.

I am still scared as we don't know the cause and this could be detrimental if it could relapse. Thankfully, I am in a huge city right now, but the cornfields of Kansas could pose a problem.

Keep your fingers crossed for my little guy!


whest said...

Diagnosis: He just misses his Popsunkie!!!!!

cindy said...

you are the best homesick fix ever! Whenever i get to missing the states, your blog is the perfect perspective, and everything i love about the place. you and liam are my badass heros, and by time i leave the middle east, maybe i'll follow suit :) I hope yer lil' buddy's okay. Hope my mile high city's treating you right:)

--wb said...

Your visit to the vet didn't by any chance include an application of Promeris, a flea preventative, did it?

The symptoms you describe are very similar to those of many dogs who have been treated with it.

Google "Promeris adverse reaction"