Friday, August 8, 2008

Day 10 - Big Day

Woke up to Liam wanting to romp in the backyard and Scott chillin' out on the back porch. Siiri and he have an amazing backyard, so Liam took full use to run. Scott made some fantastic oatmeal with fresh blueberries. I drank some vitamin water and chocolate milk to bulk up for our long hall to MacKenzie Bridge. We took this incredibly beautiful bike path along the river out of Eugene - it was so nice to come across a town so biker friendly. I ran into a cyclist and his two friends who were traveling from Alaska to Arizona. He has traversed the TransAm 3 times and asked if I could send him some pics. 3 times...crazy!!! We biked 57 miles today! Our longest yet! We saw a nice, old covered bridge that reminded me of New England. We didn't get to camp until dark because we had to stop at the last general store for the next several miles and stock up on supplies. Pitching the tent in the dark was fun...oh yeah. I was getting aggravated because it was knotted to my bike somehow and I just wanted to sleep. It was a rustic campground with no facilities so sleeping sweaty and dirty wasn't all that enticing. Cheese and salami for dinner with some guava juice...don't is what I craved at that moment.

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