Monday, August 4, 2008

Day 7 - The Dodsons Come to the Rescue

What a day! The Rose Lodge campground people fell in love with Liam and wanted to give me a 10 pound statue of a dog to take with me...they were serious I tell you! I had to kindly decline as the thought of lugging anything else is exceedingly scary if I can't eat or drink it! Stopped at Chateau Bianca Winery for a break and spoke with the manager about vineyards and life in general. We ended up heading to Rickreale population 57! We asked about a supposed campground behind the fairgrounds, but could not find it anywhere. It was rather desolate and hard to find anyone in sight and there was a strange man in a car watching us. Finally, Wendy offered to go through some of the buildings and found Mr. Dave Dodson who kindly offered up his farm and home to us! We biked over to his house and spent the evening chatting away with he and his wife, Jacque. Liam was super excited because they had a Jack Russell named Josie who kept him on his toes. I played with the donkeys and goats for a bit beacuse they were so cute and friendly. The Dodsons were most kind and after the wind picked up we went inside the house to warm up and discussed the possibility of a different route. They ended up letting us sleep in their RV since they just got back from vacation in Montana and the weather was rather nippy. What a great night's sleep! Thank you so much Mr. and Mrs. Dodson...and Josie!

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Ned said...

Ha, Liam and Josie look like they're both playing hard to get in that picture. Love the photos in all your postings--what beautiful scenery to bike through. f it was me I would have found a reason to stay on the Pacific coast for a couple more weeks ;)