Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Day 22 - RVs are Wild

So it was a long day - 73 miles to be exact. Fortunately, I slept really well and was so refreshed I was ready to go at 3:30am...until I realized it was 3:30am! Went from Cambridge to Council and breaked again at a bank because that was the only location in the shade. The concrete was refreshing. I met a "farmer" that fell for Liam's adorability (yes, that is now a word...I decided) that he offered to take us to Big Meadows. Now normally, I wouldn't hitch my way anywhere, but when temps are in the 3-digits, I have to worry about Liam. We loaded our bikes and hopped in the back of the truck. It was kind of fun to ride in the bed. I haven't done that since my crazy trip to Mexico.

Turns out our driver was the EVP for Exxon-Mobile. Who knew?! I never would have guessed it. We stayed at A&W for a long while before continuing on to a fantastic RV Park. If near Pollock, stay at the Canyon Pines RV Resort. It is so clean and wonderful!

The scenery was incredible. The mountains and canyons and vistas were fabulous. At the RV park, someone had a big flat screen TV outside so I watched some of the Olympics while another guy had a telescope the size of a small car and was star-gazing. It was pretty cool.

Next up is our major climb to Grangeville. Gulp!

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Ned said...

You should have taken him hostage until they lowered fuel prices.