Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Day 20 - Since When is Oregon 5,000,000 Miles Long???!

Smooth and decent ride into Richland where we breaked from the hot sun. Ate some lunch and snoozed in a park across from an ice cream parlor. We met a smoker/biker (isn't that a contradiction?) who was going west and said we were in for hell with our next pass. That certainly made me want to sleep more, but I knew I wanted to overcome it. We waited. And waited. Finally, we decided to head out again around 5pm. It was a 6 mile climb with a 7% grade and it sucked every step of the way. Normally, I go miles on minimal water, but after that I nearly polished off all 3 of my bottles...and almost had to break into Liam's reserves. By the time we reached the summit, night was nearly upon us, but the purple hue to the mountains and the near full moon were incredible...making the moment and the descent something to relish.

We made camp in Halfway, OR. No chance of a shower...so the night was sticky and gross, but we survived yet another climb!

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