Monday, August 11, 2008

Day 16 - It's the State That Never Ends...(start humming)

It goes on and on my friend. People started biking it, not knowing when it ends. Okay, so I'm under the general impression that Oregon is infinitesimally expansive. Granted, we did go south 245 miles along the coast before heading east another 300, but man! Looks like another 4 days or so until we cross the border. Sheesh! Got up early again today to beat the heat. Had a 7 mile climb to the next pass and then coasted for a bit. I detoured to the John Day Fossil Monument and took some nice pics. Headed on to Dayville where I am now camping at a Presbyterian Church. I will actually be sleeping in the chapel - a first for me. It is nice though - shower, kitchen, internet and a place to keep all of our gear.

Liam met some nice dogs on the way to the cafe, which turned out to belong to the server. They were fun and played for a bit. We actually called over a policeman because they wouldn't stay home and kept following us down the road. They were so adorable! A daschund and a rottweiler mix.

We ran into another biker heading east, who thinks he's going to quit in Colorado. Apparently, there are 2 guys heading to North Carolina a couple days ahead of us, and an Austrian man just behind us. I'm hoping to meet up with Iris at some point (a fellow SASer who is wrapping up her east to west trip for the vets).

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Circling Central Park a million times wouldnt have been the same, huh?

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