Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Day 17 - It's a Hottie

Woke up at 6am and on the road by 7am. Feeling a bit slow and sluggish, but apparently moving quite well. Stopped in Mount Vernon for a grilled cheese sandwich when the motorcyclists from last evening pulled in. They said they saw Jack (he is a fellow biker that showed up at the church late afternoon) and Wendy en route. I continued on to John Day and stopped at DQ for an ice cream break. It was quite nice. I will continue on to Prairie City when the heat passes or dies down a bit. It is about 95 out and the sun is blazing. Phew!


whest said...

Shall we be expecting you by Easter?!! Wonderful fall-like weather here. Tell Liam his Pops-Unkie says 'don't be a free-loader!' He has to earn his keep. Rides all day in his buggy, honestly--make him tote your arse for a while!! Later

H(cubed) :-)

Casey said...

Great blog! I am beginning to notice a trend with you and grilled cheese sandwiches! Keep up the great postings for all of us stuck in an office! Take care...

GS said...

Hey Elizabeth,

Great trip! I'm so very pround of you for striking out on a grand adventure.

This Saturday my new girlfriend Laurie and I are heading for Munich and then Morocco for three months, and will look forward to following your travels.

Ride safe and keep smiling

Gary and Laurie