Friday, August 8, 2008

Day 12 - Relentless Forward Motion

Okay. Up early and bright and ready to go. I made myself some cold oatmeal...yes, I am THAT hardcore and crammed as many calories in as I could. We were going to stop at Clear Lake for some food, but when I looked down at the road there was NO WAY I was going down hill to have to come back up. I made a resolute decision to bust on through to Sisters non-stop. The climb was gradual, but relentless. I focused on small goals along the way and just kept pedaling. I had one small problem when my gear shifted by itself and since I was going uphill, I had to manually change the chain, but other than that I just kept on charging upwards. I made it to the summit and took some self-portraits. I had purchased a tripod before I left so many of my pictures are set by a timer - no choice when you are traveling on your own for chunks at a time! Mount Washington was gorgeous in the distance and so were the vistas in general. I made it into Sisters fairly early and called Scott's friend, Sean. He told me how to get to his house and to make myself at home. A shower was absolute luxury after a good 52 hours of sitting in my own sweat. I almost couldn't stand myself! Ha! Sean got home around was funny to be in someones house I hadn't met and welcome them home. He is a really great guy and quite an athlete! I had a great time playing with his Husky, Sasha. He is off to Crater Lake to run a marathon while we take a rest day tomorrow. I feel truly blessed to be meeting such wonderful and welcoming people along my journey. And thank you Sean for the RFM...relentless forward motion will be my climbing mantra!

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