Monday, August 4, 2008

Day 5 - Rest Day...Sort Of

Beautiful morning right on the beach. Went for a run with Liam where he managed to get washed up by a wave and decided that chasing kites was more fun that sea foam. Low on supplies so I offered to bike back to a diner to pick up some food since we would need it for a major climb tomorrow. It was alright, but strange to ride an unloaded bike! Uphill sucks no matter what, whether you're alone or fully I just grunted through in my quest for food. I finally built an awesome has been a while since my winter camping days and I was a bit rusty, but this one was blazing! I didn't sleep well this evening as Wendy was a good 50 feet away and I felt a bit vulnerable with the wind kicking up and strange shadows dancing on my tent. Tomorrow leads to a wicked steep climb!

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