Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Day 24 - Preparing for Lolo

Packed up with a pretty sunrise on the edge of a cliff, on the side of a highway, with no water and 11 miles to go...great place to camp...no, really. I highly recommend the experience - quite entertaining.

I decided since it was 6am to forge onto the new highway...the traffic wasn't so bad and it was a straighter shot than continuing on the old highway. Made it to Grangeville pretty quickly and enjoyed a great iced Mocha and biscotti. The thunderstorm/rain is just starting. Brrrr. How can it be 106 degrees and then in the low 60s? Crazy! We're seeking shelter and then trying to make it another 50 miles today if it clears.

I do apologize...no pictures yet again! AND I HAVE SOME REALLY GREAT ONES! Hopefully, when I get to Missoula I can upload!


GS said...

Hey Elizabeth,

Grandma and I are at the beach reading about your adventures.

Grandma is proud of you, but a little miffed because you didn't invite her to go.

How can it be so hot when you are so far north???

Ride safe.

Amelia said...

I'm loving reading your adventures, glad you're having such a good time. It's great to live vicariously through you while I'm chained to my desk.