Monday, August 4, 2008

Day 9 - 245 Miles DONE!!!

In Corvallis right now, blogging and checking last minute things. We'll have completed Map 1 after today. Went to bike store and switched out for Mountain Bike Shoes instead of Road Shoes since I was destroying the tread on them. The man said they looked three years old...I told them they were 3 months old! HA! There went $140, but at least I am set to go. Checked my brakes and pumped my tires...also learned my pump is reversible and can be used for Liam's trailer too. May need to rig something for shade and weather proofing for Liam's trailer. I don't know how yet, but I need to make sure he is protected from the elements. I stopped by the vet this morning to check on him as he has been itching a bit, but is on Frontline and Heartworm pills. He should be okay, but just wanted to check.

Off to grab some lunch and hit the road for Eugene!

UPDATE - Made it to Eugene and am warm and cozy staying with friends of friends! Thank you Dave for getting me in touch with Dan! And Dan, thank you for getting us in touch with Scott and Siiri. Off to MacKenzie Pass tomorrow!


Lonely Paul said...
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Kent said...

Nice start !!! Hope you both find the routine and good weather. May the wind be behind you. Kent

Jimkim said...

Keep up the good work!!!

Jimkim said...

Hi again, wanted to say great photos...especially to Wendy for taking them!! We are thinking about you everyday and look forward to sharing in your adventures! As for the upcoming
(little joke there)travels, they will prepare you for the Rockies, and then after Yellowstone it will seem like all downhill :-)
Glad you got Liam check out....
how come you made no mention of the
uhh.. thud, Kabump, pitter patter, pitter patter, wait for me incident? Well as you say on to McKenzie Pass and then to camping with fossils. Maybe Liam will find a dinosaur egg or take a photo of him in one of their footprints. Good Luck, Take Care and Keep Going!!!!
Love ya, Jim and Kim

Amelia said...

Congratulations on completing the first stage. I am so jealous of your big adventure.
Kiss Liam for me.

whest said...

You and lil' Man. Travels with [Liam], eh?!! Do try and make it in before the winter, else take it easy and shoot for spring:-)!!

Great pictures. Keep safe!