Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Day 21 - Oregon is DEAD to ME! New State, New Time Zone

I woke up feeling a bit crappy. Didn't sleep so well and was sticky and gross from festering in my own funk for too long. My throat was sore and I just wanted to chill, but I wanted to continue as well. It was a nice descent for most of the day. Ran into 4 bikers going west. Lucky bastards had minimal gear so they looked so sleek next to our cumbersome bikes. It isn't my fault Liam requires almost as much gear as me! It was time for Hell's Canyon where temps reach 110 degrees with ease. I jumped in the river at one point to cool off and apparently Liam did the same when I found him 20 feet away, his leash floating in the water near the rope swing. He had managed to escape again, the little devil.

Finally, I crossed the border into Idaho. I thought it would never happen. Oregon was great, but 3 weeks was insane! At that rate I would make it to the east coast by January! Ha! Unfortunately, the temperature rose to 101 degrees and we were feeling it. Stopped at a campsite just before a 7 mile steep climb out of the canyon. Fortunately, we ran into the local sheriff and he offered us a ride up to the top after he went home for lunch. We figured it was a wise decision with Liam and the extreme heat. Since dogs cannot sweat I was concerned about him staying cool.

Camped behind a motel and did some laundry. Went to Bucky's Cafe which should be renamed Sucky's Cafe. If in this bumbling town (name I cannot even recall) don't go there.

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Ned said...

Haha, Sucky's cafe.