Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Day 18 - The Biggest Loser...and 3 Mile High Passes

Hmmm...so I stuffed myself with a huge breakfast before starting a 9 mile climb to the summit of a pass. Saw a covered wagon on the way, and was most grateful for a paved road. I am still stymied that Lewis and Clark did all this with wagons, mules, and no road. True adventurers indeed! It turns out that our friend, Jerry from the Biggest Loser accidentally lied to us about Austin Junction's store being closed, so after a long climb, there was no choice but to continue on with minimal supplies. I left a note stuck to the store window with gum for Wendy to inform her of going on to try to make it to the reservoir. The only clincher...3 pretty major passes to overcome before that lovely little pond of water. Climbed Dixie, Tipton and Sumpter pass on Huckleberry Mountain and was feeling quite accomplished, but very low on water. Jack and I started to worry about Wendy when a pick-up truck pulled up with her in it. She had run out of food and was near empty on water and not feeling well.

After giving her some nourishment we continued on to the reservoir. It was long and tough, but we did it! We all went for a swim in the lake, including Liam. It was so great to find potable water and to relax after such a huge day! Wendy had a bit of a scare there, but it has only helped us to better prepare for the dead zones ahead...and to know our limits.

At Dixie Pass, 5,277 feet, I decided to jump the 3 feet in my summit photo to make it an even mile...that's not cheating right?! Ha!

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