Friday, August 8, 2008

Day 11 - Are Those Thunderheads?

Woke up early and packed in preparation for a long trek through the Santiam Pass. We learned that MacKenzie is still closed due to 37 feet of snow being dumped this past winter! As soon as we were fully loaded it started to rain. I made an improv rainsuit for the trailer and fortified myself with my waterproof pants and water repellant jacket...yes, I still get wet! We stopped at the Ranger station to check on safe drinking water along the route and headed off. Breaked at Belkner Hot Springs Resort for a burger and met many fun people, including another Jack Russell named Skipper. The hot springs were really rather hot! As we were there the storm passed and we headed uphill. I decided to let Liam run alongside of me for a bit, but just as I thought he had had enough and was going to pull over into a shoulder, he wrapped himself on a pole and it jerked my handlebars causing me to crash recklessly into the pavement. Forearm, Shoulder, hip and head....smashed! THANK GOD for helmets. I couldn't have been going any more than 10 mph, but I hit hard. I checked my vitals and my eyes dilated just fine, but I am curious as to my head...hope not to have a concussion or any swelling of the brain. Mom, if you are reading this....don't freak out...I am taking every necessary precaution to ensure I am alright. After that, I took it easy for a bit and stopped at a spring alongside the road and washed off. I realized I was having brake troubles and had to break out the tools. I fixed my rear brakes and headed on. Stopped at Kooshoo Falls for some pics and scenery and was about to head out when the sky turned black and we thought it best to make camp before the rain poured. Ice Cap camp was quite nice to rain! So I hiked down to the river and then down to a pretty, clear lake with Liam. We made a camp fire and had some ramen and hot cider. Sleepy. Sleepy.

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