Saturday, August 23, 2008

Day 26 - The Day of Horrid Rain

Packed up ASAP and moved my stuff to the pavilion to dry out as best as possible before stuffing everything into their dry sacks. It was a wet one and it didn't look like it would let up. We had no place to go but onwards. After deciding that it waws far too wet and cold to bike we opted to try and hitch a ride up the mountain a bit. After standing in the rain for a long time under a tarp on the side of the road with the only cars passing us being Mazdas, Minis and Corvettes, I started to wonder what happened to the trucks of the Northwest. Where were they now that we needed them? Alas, two elk hunters pulled up during their scout for a place to kill and sure enough they offered us a ride. I think they were going to say no, but then I pulled out all the stops and stood under the tarp shivering and looking worked. We got a ride to the Lodge -phew!!!

Turns out the lodge didn't have any room for us either. Sooooo...we were still homeless. Fortunately, the mountain rangers came to our rescue and let us stay in their bunker to dry out and warm up. It was great! Especially, when two other weather-worn cycliscts pulled in. They were coming from the east and on the verge of hypothermia! They had come from Lolo and told us that they were recently married and about to go for their PhDs so this was their big trip and semi-honeymoon before hitting the books again. I don't know if this is the type trip I'd angle for if it was my big day, but hey, to each their own. They were adorable together. We wish you well Kristen and Nick!

We all went to happy hour at the lodge. I had a great glass of wine and some horrible broccoli cheese soup. Yucky.

Returned back and Liam decided he didn't appreciate my leaving him so he commenced to pee on my sleeping bag. That was a big no no...we had a long talk about that one! Saw the most amazing rainbow and took an easy evening.

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Chasbam said...

I woke up at about noon. I called my man servant to bring me my brunch in bed. I ordered him to exercise for me while I had my country fried steak, hash browns, eggs over easy, and English muffins. After mt bath I went out on the veranda with a good book and another mint julep. One of my servants was out of line so I had them flogged. They made so much noise that I had them flogged again. All and all it was a rough day.