Monday, August 11, 2008

Day 15 - Mitchell - Town of International Renown

Hmmm...Woke up at 6am thanks to the noisy camper lady next door who thought everyone wanted to know about Oregon fishing licenses. I would have liked to have hooked her and sent her reeling into the resevoir, but I was too cold to move from my sleeping bag. I decided to stay in bed until 7am and then got ready for the day. Packed up and hit the road...sadly leaving Liam's tie-out staked to the picnic bench - bummer! It was fun watching him roadside chasing butterflies at a break point. I also saw the world's tiniest and cutest chipmunk ever! He was so adorable. He ran into the street, saw me, and ran back into the gully. Roadkill was frequent. The worst was a wolf that had its head decapitated....which I discovered down the road of few feet from the body. The descent from the Ochoco Pass climb was incredible. Lots of picturesque moments. Apparently, shooting at road signs is a pastime here, as all of the signs have bullet holes in them. Awww - the life of small town America. I made it to Mitchell easy - which is the quirkiest little town ever. I had lunch at the Bridge Creek Cafe awaiting Wendy's arrival. Whilst noshing I met a couple visiting from Paris, France and another from Tokyo, Japan. It was so diverse for a town of a mere populace of 180 people. Main Street was interesting...almost like something out of To Kill a Mockingbird. I kept expecting Scout and Jem to run around the corner. The general store has kept a log of bikers since the 1970s and it looks like not much has been moved or dusted on the shelves since about then either. Across the street is a big cage that houses Henry...the town bear. He is very friendly, but Liam thought otherwise.

I met Dennis and Sage at the city park where we camped for the evening. They are a father an son team that are hitching and walking their way back home to Idaho. I wish them well in their journey!

Went to the local town cafe for dinner - yumm...grilled cheese! I was able to observe a small town domestic as a mother (the cook) and her son fought over whether or not he should be allowed to go to the "big town" of Prineville - he is afterall, 18 now - a big, strapping man! Ha...note the sarcasm. It was the evening entertainment. I think the only excitement here happened back in the 1800s when there was a flash flood and some fires. Well worth the experience though. I found it amusing to no end!

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