Saturday, August 23, 2008

Day 25 - My Dog is the Sworn Enemy of God

Awoke early to gloomy weather and started to pack anyhow. I wanted to see what the chapel looked like in the church we were staying in so I wandered upstairs to find that my dog shit in the middle of the chapel aisle! I surely hope God does love all of his creatures. I think that falls under sacriligeous, but I found it rather comical at the same time.

After only 6 miles we stopped at an espresso cafe and were warned about the grey wolves of Lolo Pass and to be aware of their presence. It sounded exciting. The owner was a dog show breeder and had some champions on her land. She was concerned for their well being with many dogs having gone missing in the recent months.

Continued on and stopped at another cafe for lunch. This is the pace that Wendy likes to call the "Idaho Mosey". We only made it 16 miles and already we were lunching! BUT we did forge on and ended the day after 50 some odd miles. I set up my tent just in time as the thunder and lightning started. The camp host was a real jerk and wouldn't let us stay in the pavilion to stay dry. Instead, he wanted us to stay in the rain. Fortunately, my tent kicks ass and Liam and I stayed dry all night long.

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