Saturday, August 23, 2008

Day 27 - 1,000 Mile COMPLETED! Pacific Time to Mountain Time to Pacific Time to Mountain Time

Yummmm...breakfast was good. 13 miles to summit Lolo Pass. Not so bad. Conquered it with plenty of energy. Crossed the time zone and state line all at once. It feels weird to have gone from Pacific standard time to Mountain time, back to Pacific time and then again to Mountain time, but whatever, time means nothing to me. I live in between day and night, light and dark, between cold weather and hot weather, hungry and not hungry. As long as I get home before winter, I am content. It is the journey of this trip that matters, not the destination. Quality, not quantity.

I have trekked 1,000 miles thus far and am feeling great. Jack called an old friend of his and we are resting up in Missoula. It has been so wonderful so far. Enjoying every minute!


Ned said...

Fantastic pictures, Liz! And 1,000 miles done already?! Wow. Don't you wake up sore from all that biking?

David said...

Pics are looking great! You are cruising.

David and Chiva

Ned said...

Where did you go, Liz? I'm waiting for more updates. And more Liam! Who doesn't want more Liam?!